Attention SYL Project followers!

We are asking for your support as we prepare a care package for this beautiful woman who is currently battling colon cancer. Are you willing to Share Your Love with her? All donations made to The SYL Project from March 1 to April 1 will be used to purchase items for Laura’s care package. We will also accept in-kind donations of goods and services. Laura loves music, movies, and reading inspirational material. Please also consider items for her daughter. Monetary donations may be made via paypal from our website.

Laura Hall benefit

“Laura is a loving mother that was diagnosed in late Aug 2014 with Stage 3 Colon Cancer at the age of 39. She has been undergoing chemo treatments and still has more treatments and a long road of healing ahead of her.

She has been able to share her gift of healing with so many people in the last 13 years through massage therapy. Because of how physically demanding her trade is, she has NOT been able to work. It’s hard to imagine what kind of strain this puts on a person, physically, mentally and financially.”


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