We’re looking for remarkable individuals to join us! Could that be you?

  • By Sandra Merritt
  • March 13, 2015
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The SYL Project has openings for board members! If you’ve ever wanted to share your time and talents to improve the lives of others, I encourage you to consider one of the positions below. Please email our Executive Director, Sandra Merritt, at sandra@thesylproject.org if you’d like to be considered for a position!

•Oversees board and executive committee meetings
•Works in partnership with the chief executive to make sure board resolutions are carried out
•Assists chief executive in preparing agenda for board meetings
•Assists chief executive in conducting new board member orientation
•Coordinates chief executive’s annual performance evaluation
•Assists with recruiting new board members
•Acts as an alternate spokesperson for the organization
•Periodically consults with board members on their roles and helps them assess their

•Attend all board meetings
•Carry out special assignments as requested by the board chair
•Understand the responsibilities of the board chair and be able to perform these duties in the chair’s absence
•Participate as a vital part of the board leadership

•Attend all board meetings
•Ensure the safety and accuracy of all board records
•Review board minutes
•Assume responsibilities of the chair in the absence of the board chair, chair-elect, and vice chair
•Provide notice of meetings of the board and/or of a committee when such notice is required

•Attend all board meetings
•Maintain knowledge of the organization and personal commitment to its goals and objectives
•Understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizations
•Manage the board’s review of and action related to the board’s financial responsibilities
•Work with the chief executive to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis
•Present the annual budget to the board for approval

•Identify opportunities for donations, including in-kind and monetary
•Research grants and sponsorships to fund activities
•Facilitate committee member participation in requesting and obtaining donations

•Identify opportunities for The SYL Project to participate in community events such as walks, runs, parades, farmer’s markets, craft fairs, etc. that would be beneficial to the mission of the organization

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