What is The SYL Project all about?

In short, it’s about Sharing Your Love. We can all think of someone for whom we’ve wanted to doing something extra special. Maybe it’s a co-worker that has been diagnosed with cancer or a severe illness. It may be a friend that was recently laid off from their job. Perhaps you simply want to extend a “thank you” to that person that has made a profound impact on your life. There are even those people that cross our paths throughout our daily lives (think of the Barista that makes your coffee each morning), that we don’t know very well but for whom we would like to do something nice. We don’t always know exactly what to do or have the extra money to do it.
That’s where The SYL Project comes in. We want to help you do those extra special things to make a positive impact on the lives of those you know and love (even those you don’t know so well).
We are currently raising the necessary funds through a Go Fund Me campaign to apply for 501(c)3 status so we can begin accepting donations. Those donations will fund every Share Your Love Project outreach.
Do you know someone you’d like to do something special for? Send an email to sandra@thesylproject.com and tell us about your candidate for a SYL Project outreach. Our application committee will review all submissions and select a recipient for an outreach on the 15th of each month.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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